Torry Harris Learning (THL) is a guided, step-by-step digital skills learning platform tailored to your enterprise needs. We curate courses to provide contextual relevance, so each learner is equipped to fulfil a specific set of tasks your organization requires.

Pure online courses are often too generic to provide distinct contextual guidance. We offer you a unique combination of face-to-face training alongside superior, world-wide online expertise and mentorship in smaller groups, to enhance your employee skill base in Digital skills.

We help analyze your individual team needs and offer an easy system of “training units” that can be purchased in a pay-as-you-go subscription model with the ability to scale up or down as needed. We use gamified experiences and micro-learning modules to help acquire relevant knowledge in bite-sized portions for measurable progress and a hands-on, contextual application of what is learnt, at different levels within the enterprise

Our approach drives deeper engagement through tailored learning paths, delivered by experienced coaches and subject matter experts that interact directly with your teams.

Instructor-led, relevant courses for in-demand digital skills
Engagement Model for Enterprises & Service Providers