Here is an opportunity to offer your services and expand your network through the Torry Harris Learning (THL) platform.

THL, supported by Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS), a leading IT Solutions provider in the digital transformation space, will help evaluate, contextualize and market your offering to reach a worldwide audience and secure meaningful application of your content.

Why work with Torry Harris Learning?

Sell to a large community of engaged customers visiting our marketplace portal and mobile app channels. The THL platform could become your next big sales and marketing vehicle
Receive timely payments directly into your bank account for courses rendered. THL ensures secure payments.
Enrich your content using our tools and services. Make it easy for consumption
Use our network of service providers, animators, graphic designers and content curators to make your content relevant to your target audience
Benefit from our software tools and infrastructure to host your content
Connect with our growing community of trainers, coaches, subject matter experts and institutions
Instructor-led, relevant courses for in-demand digital skills
Engagement Model for Enterprises & Service Providers

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