Course Topics

Level 1 : Technical and Non-Technical Community

Chapter 1 – The Opportunity: Introduction to Digital Banking Innovation

This chapter will introduce the world of digital banking, the emerging opportunities and how incumbents and new entrants are disrupting the banking sector

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Chapter 2 – The Drivers of Change: Understanding Disruptive Business Models

  • This chapter explores the drivers of disruption and the different business models being harnessed to disrupt the banking sector.
  • Digital investment priorities
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Chapter 3 – Business Models: Building a Digital Business in Banking - Improving CX

Building on how to set up digital banking operations, this chapter will provide techniques on how to identify emerging customer needs, as well as acquire and on-board new customers in a digital ecosystem. This chapter will also focus on the impact and influence of social media.

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Chapter 4 – Cyber Risk and Regulation: protecting you and your customers digital assets

This chapter provides a framework for managing cyber risk and introduces regulatory practices for a new digital bank.

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Chapter 5 – Scaling your business: Growing your Digital Banking ecosystem

This chapter covers the future of digital banking and opportunities to scale a start-up business unit.

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Chapter 6 – Your Digital Banking Roadmap: Bringing it all together

The chapter articulates a solution in the form of a roadmap.

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Level 2 : Non - Technical Community

Chapter 7 – Technology in Digital Banking

  • Digital-first vs Process digitisation
  • Data to facilitate decision-making : Big Data and Analytics
  • e-Banking and m-Banking
  • Building your own marketplace
  • Mobile Payments and m-commerce
  • Innovative technologies IOT, AI, ML, Block-chain in Digital Banking
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