Course Topics

Level 1 : Technical and Non-Technical Community

Chapter 1 – iPaaS - Key Player in New Age Integration

  • What is new age of Integration
  • What is iPaaS and its positioning in new age of integration
Summary and Interactive Quiz

Chapter 2 – Features of iPaaS

  • What are the features of iPaaS
  • Industry leader iPaaS solutions
Summary and Interactive Quiz
Level 2 : Technical Community

Chapter 3 – Introduction to SnapLogic - A Industry Leader iPaaS

  • Introduction to SnapLogic – the Intelligent Integration platform
  • Understand how SnapLogic can help in overcoming organization’s integration challenges and achieving business goals
  • Positioning SnapLogic as per analyst reports
Summary and Interactive Quiz

Chapter 4 – Architecture Fundamentals of SnapLogic

  • Architectural components of SnapLogic
  • Available deployment models for SnapLogic – SaaS and On-premises
Summary and Interactive Quiz

Chapter 5 - Application Development using SnapLogic

  • Understanding the basics of application development in SnapLogic
  • Concept of service flow in SnapLogic
  • Understanding how various SDLC phases are supported by SnapLogic
Summary and Interactive Quiz

Chapter 6 – Mini Assignment

Assignment to be done offline and submitted to the trainer for evaluation and feedback.