Course Topics

Level 1 : Non-Technical Community

Chapter 1 – Goals, Purpose, Roles and Skills required in L&D

  • Introduction to the Goals and Purpose of L&D
  • Strategic and cultural alignment with the business
  • Required Roles in L&D
  • Skills : Business Understanding, Technological Ability, Consulting, Content Curation, Analytical Capability
Summary and Interactive Quiz

Chapter 2 – Digital Transformation and role of L&D

  • Digital Transformation : Understanding the change the organization is undergoing
  • Role Analysis & Competency Mapping
  • Training Need Analysis
  • The 70-20-10 Model of Learning
  • Strategies & Learning Tech to Empower 70-20-10
  • Choosing the best Tools and L&D Frameworks available in the market
Summary and Interactive Quiz
Level 2 : Non-Technical Community

Chapter 3 – L&D Strategy Template

  • Introduction
  • Hands-on : Identifying L&D Needs
  • Hands-on : Creating effective Training plans
  • Addressing Value for Money and Evaluation
  • Hands-on : Implementing the strategy as a pilot
Summary and Interactive Quiz

Chapter 3 – Employee Engagement for better results in Learning

  • Introduction of employee satisfaction, motivation and engagement
  • Introduction to Psychological concepts towards effective motivation
  • Introduction to Gamification, Game design and Strategies in learning
  • Designing effective onboarding, virality and reward system
  • Tools for building effective career blueprints for employees
Summary and Interactive Quiz