Course Topics

Level 1 : Technical and Non-Technical Community

Chapter 1 – Introducing Application Networks and API-Led Connectivity

  • Explain what an application network is and its benefits
  • Describe how to build an application network using API-led connectivity
  • Explain what web services and APIs are
  • Explore API directories and portals
  • Make calls to secure and unsecured API
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Chapter 2 – Introducing Anypoint Platform

  • Identify all the components of Anypoint Platform
  • Describe the role of each component in building application networks
  • Navigate Anypoint Platform
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Level 2 : Technical Community

Chapter 3 – Building APIs

  • Use Anypoint Studio to create flows graphically
  • Build, run, and test Mule applications
  • Use a connector to connect to databases
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Chapter 4 – Deploying and Managing APIs

  • Describe the options for deploying Mule applications
  • Deploy Mule applications to Cloud Hub
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Chapter 5 - Assignments and Evaluation

Quiz (multiple choice questionnaire) based assignment to be done offline and submitted for evaluation and feedback.

Optional (Honours Content) – Hands-On Assignment: Building your first API Proxy in MuleSoft API Manager and deploy to Cloud Hub

Assignment Evaluation and Feedback
Additional Resources
  • Curated list of Books – Links to Anypoint Platform product documentations, Anypoint Platform Community, YouTube channel
  • Subject Matter Experts & Thought Leaders to Follow on Social Media
  • List of upcoming Anypoint Platform events and conferences
  • List of upcoming public webinars from Anypoint Platform
  • Links to Anypoint Platform on MuleSoft blog
  • Links to Analyst Reports for Anypoint Platform